March 30, 2019

How to Drill Into a Bathroom Wall to Install a Shower Rod

If you’ve bought a new house recently, you probably can’t wait until you get the first possible chance to do put everything in it. The Its a process that can be seen as tedious and boring, but one that is necessary. Trusting that process creates better results, that you thank yourself afterwards for.

This applies with installing your shower rod. You will likely take a shower everyday, so making sure this is done correctly is mandatory. This is something that you can hire other people to do, but its simple to yourself. You can save yourself money by following this tutorial.

There are a few requirements you need if you’re going to go through with this. You will need a carbine drill bit, masking tape, measuring tape and a carpenter’s level. After that, you can begin the process of installing your shower rod.

First you will need to measure the length of your shower curtain. Then you mark the points off with tape, subtracting close to three inches to account for the shower hooks. The next step is to position the rod with the points you have marked. You may need a helper for this step.

You both need to slide the rod in a position that is level. If you intend to mount the rod on ceramic tiles, you will need to cover the location with masking tape. After that, you will need to take your drill and screw holes into the wall once you mark the bracket of the mounting bracket. This marks the majority of the project.

Now you will attach your carbine drill bit on your power drill if you’re doing this on a tile. If your wall is hollow, you will use a general-purpose drill bit. Its a very important part to make sure that your bit is the right size.

For the last steps, you’re going to need to place the drill bit against the piece of masking tape that you marked. The tape allows bit and tile to be held in the same place to give you that precision. Now you will install the rest of the bits.

If you have followed the rest of the steps, you should be done. The have now installed a shower rod that didn’t take that much time compared to other construction projects. Now you will be able to enjoy every shower without worrying that your experience will be diminished.

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