April 25, 2020

How to Print Text Messages from Your iPhone

There are some instances where text messages on iPhones can be very important and valuable for many. And that’s why; a lot of people want to back these text messages.

Aside from making iTunes/iCloud backups to save iPhone messages, there are some iPhone users that want to print out their text messages on hard copy or paper to back these messages up. This way, the messages can give more convincing and powerful evidence to gather crucial information and to defend in court.

Furthermore, iPhone message applications don’t support AirPrint, which only implies that you won’t be able to use this app to print out the message directly, similar to printing some images.

Now, in this post we will share you some good tips which you can print out text messages from your iPhone. You can also print out iPhone text messages using 3rd-party tools, screenshot, as well as email.

Print Text Messages from iPhone with EASEUS MOBIMOVER

  • EASEUS MOBIMOVER is the first iPhone device transfer program in the market today. This app works ideally to back up text messages on many iPhone devices in text format, ready for printing them out from the PC.
  • What you want to do is simply link your iPhone to your PC or Mac and press trust in the prompt on your iPhone device to trust the computer. Then simply launch EASEUS MOBIMOVER and pick iDevice to PC or Mac.
  • Then head to more and choose messages. If you want to, you can transfer some different types of files as well to your computer.
  • Then click the folder icon in order to set a storage path for your iPhone messages that you want to transfer.
  • Lastly, click transfer to start transferring text messages from your iPhone device to your computer. The text messages can be copied from your iPhone that will be saved as an HTML file on your PC later on. That’s why; you can view the details whenever you want using a browser.

This method will allow you to export all text messages that you have from iPhone to a PC or Mac and print the messages later on. Furthermore, using this software, you can effortlessly export different contents from iPhone to your PC or Mac.

Print Text Messages from iPhone by Taking Screenshots

For the most part, we can take screenshots of many things on our iPhone device. These include maps, chat conversation, and of course text messages.

  • Just open the text message that you want to print out.
  • Tap the power and home button simultaneously of your device at the same time in order to capture the screenshot.
  • Go to the photos app on your iPhone device in order to see your captured screenshots and pick the images that you want to print out.

Remember that printing the screenshot of text messages from an iPhone device is an easy approach. Nonetheless, you can only take screenshots for one message at a time. That’s why if you want to print out a lot of text messages, then just use the first method we mentioned in this post.

Print out Text Messages from iPhone via Email

In order to print text messages using email, you must manually copy, paste, and send each text message through email.

  • Just go to the message app on your iPhone, get access to the conversation that you want to print out.
  • Tap and hold the text message that you want to print in order to acquire different options copy. Then choose the copy among other options to copy the text messages to the clipboard. In this approach, you can also choose multiple messages.
  • Next, open the mail application on your iPhone and create a new email. Tap and press down the message body in order to get different options. Then just pick the paste option to paste the text messages you copied.
  • Lastly, access your email account from your PC in order to print out these email texts.

Final Thoughts

Those are the most reliable approaches that you can do to print text messages from your iPhone. Capturing screenshots and saving them as images or sending an email with copied text messages are surefire approaches to print out text messages. But of course, using software is also a smart decision if you want to make printing much smoother.

Of course, if you use software, you will have an opportunity to export all of your text messages right into your PC and save them as portable document files or whatever format. With the tips we shared to you above, we hope that all the practical solutions can help you print out your text messages from your iPhone effortlessly.

How about you? Do you know any other way to print text messages from your iPhone? If so, we would be glad if you can share it in the comment section below so we can help our fellow iPhone users.

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