March 30, 2019

How to Remove a Black & Decker Drill Bit

Removing a drill bit from a Black & Decker drill can be difficult, if you never did it before. It also depends on the type of drill that you have. There are wood drill bits and metal drill bits. There is a difference between a cordless drill, which does not use a key, and a corded Black & Decker drill that uses the key. Both drills have a chuck.

The wood drill bits are used to cut holes in wood. Wood is more sensitive than metal. The lip and spur drill bit is used to cut holes in wood. You cannot use a wood drill on a metal object. There are a lot more wood drill bits, this is just a few.

The metal drill bits are more powerful than the wood drill bits. You can use a metal drill bit for wood, but you have to be very careful. There are many metal drill bits. Some are the spot drill bit and the core drill bit.

A chuck is a clamp that you put the drill bit in. You have the keyless chuck and the key chuck. You should understand the parts of the chuck to remove the drill bit. You should know about the sleeve, spline, scroll plate, and jaw of the chuck.

1. The sleeve chuck or collet chuck fits around the tool and grips it.
2. The spline is the grooves inside the chuck.
3. The scroll plate is round and the jaws are connected to it.
4. The jaws are used to hold on to the tool and they can be removed.


1. Find the switch on the Black & Decker cordless drill and turn it counterclockwise.
2. Hold the drill firmly with one hand and grasp the outer sleeve of the chuck with the other hand.
3. Press the trigger of the drill several times, holding the sleeve while you do this. Be careful as you do this so that the bit want fly out.


1. Make sure the Black & Decker drill is unplugged.
2. The key shaped like a T is connected to the cord of your Black & Decker drill.
3. Find the hole on the side of the chuck and in front of the gear teeth, and put the key into the gear chuck.
4. Hold the drill firmly as your turn the key counterclockwise with your other hand. This will release the drill bit.

When you put in a drill bit you turn the key clockwise. Even though there are different types of drill bits, they are removed and put in the same way. Once you learn the different parts of your drill, you will find it easy to operate. The drill bits can be easy to remove if you take your time and be careful.

Now that you know how to remove a drill bit, have fun using your new Black & Decker drill whether it is a cordless or corded drill.


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