April 17, 2019

Ten Things That You Are Doing Wrong Everyday

In our everyday life we are doing many things from dawn to night. But we used to mistake in some works unconsciously like eating, drinking, breathing, brushing, sleeping etc. And those mistakes are very common and converted to a bad habit in most of the people. So, we never realized, are these works right or wrong? In this article, I am going to discuss about ten things that people are not able to do in right way. They always used to do mistake.

1. Toothbrush: we have learned how to brush our teeth from our childhood. But most of the people are not able to use toothbrush perfectly. People always thought, more toothpaste is required to clean our tooth. Even in every advertise of any toothpaste company, they used to show that more toothpaste will clean tooth perfectly. But this is wrong; they used to show it for their sell and profit. Dentist suggests that, there is no need more toothpaste to clean our tooth. There no need to make more foam inside mouth by using more toothpaste, a little amount of toothpaste will clean our tooth perfectly. Toothpaste is used to make soft the brush and protect our mouth from any trauma. It also helps to remove dental tartar by softening them.

Most of the people used to brush tooth horizontally only and rapidly. We need to brush our tooth vertically along with horizontal direction; otherwise, tooth will not clean perfectly. And tooth become yellowish and black color which are quite impossible to get back in normal condition.

2. Gases: gas evacuation is very common and simple for us. It’s very important for our health. But sometime we used to control it in different condition and this is totally wrong for our health. Most of the people feel shy to evacuate gas when they are in group. They used to go far away from the crowd in order to evacuate gases. But sometimes, it is not possible to go far away and they try to control gas evacuation. It is very bad and creates many problems in our abdomen like pain in abdomen, pain on different body parts and accumulates more gases in abdomen which are very discomfort for anyone.

3. Hair cleaning: cleaning of hair is very important for our head and hair. But most of the people used to clean hair daily and used shampoo or conditioner. In the root of hair, there found a natural oil called sebum which help to control the health of a hair. But if anyone use shampoo or conditioner daily, then sebum decrease rapidly. Hair become damage, dry and hair fall start. The people who use to shampoo daily, they lose their hair density rapidly in young age.

4. Alarm: it’s very common that people used to make alarm in their mobile or table clock before sleeping as they can woke up timely. Generally, the people who will go his or her office at 9 am, he or she used to set alarm at 7 am and thought they will complete their all work within 2 hours before going to office. But it is a bad habit for everyone that we used to sleep again for 5 – 10 minutes after alarming. Some other people used to set alarm more than one time on their mobile phone as they have no confident on their sleeping. Those are totally wrong. Because, when we woke up from a deep sleep and again try to sleep for 5 or 10 minutes, it is quite impossible to get back in deep sleep again. Again, this makes a bad effect on our brain. Brain does not work properly and we feel tired whole day. We are unable to do anything in whole day properly. So, it is forbidden to sleep again after woke up.

5. Uses of soap and body wash: the skin of our body become soft and dry with increasing the age. Most of the people used to use more soap and body wash for more foam. But we don’t need more amount of soap or body wash to clean our skin properly. A little amount of soap or body wash is enough to clean our skin properly. If we use more amount of soap and body wash to clean our skin, then the skin become dry, soft and become loose rapidly.

6. Work on right time: we need to take rest during our work to complete our work successful. Every people have a right time in a day when he or she may concentrate in his work. So, when you are able to make a good concentration on your work, please try to avoid rest during this time. You should complete your work first. For example, you may concentrate in your work in everyday at 10 am to 12 pm. So, you should not take any rest in those times. You should complete your work with full concentration and then you should take rest. If you like to read in morning time but left your reading for evening, then your concentrate will go for other work.

7. Using of mobile phone before sleeping: everyone used to work on mobile before sleeping. But it is very harmful for us to use this mobile phone in bed during night time. It will effect on our brain, eye even on our sleep. The ray that’s come from the mobile phone hinders our brain to relax. And thus why, brain does not relax perfectly though closing eye after working a long time on mobile before sleep. We need more time to sleep. The people who used to do it everyday, they suffer from insomnia and marginal problem. So, please don’t use mobile in bed before going to sleep.

8. Using of toilet: at the beginning people used to toilet on open place. But when the toilets are made, the scenarios are not seen. It is better to use normal toilet. It is very confortable to use sitting toilet. But sometimes it could make harm for your body. This positing is very harmful for our abdomen. Gas accumulation and pain on anal region are also may occur due to this sitting position. If we sit at 90 degree angle for toileting, feces not coming out fully. They remain in intestine. So it is better to use normal toilet or use sitting toilet where you need to sit 45 degree angle or use a tools under your feet. If you use a tools under your feet then there will make 45 degree angel with our body and leg. It is very comfortable for toileting and very effective for clear toileting.

9. Breathing: are you thinking, what wrong with breathing? Yeah, we ever care about our breathing. Most of the people used to breathe slowly. So oxygen cannot reach deep on our lung. Oxygen goes upper part of lung and again back towards. The diaphragm is located between thoracic and abdominal cavity of our body or lower portion of lung. It is very essential to reach oxygen to this portion. If we breathe slowly, then we only use upper portion of our lung. So, we need to breathe more, work less time and become tired within less time. We suffer from headache at night time. Thus, we need to practice long breathe. Upper abdomen or lower part of lung will use when you will practice long type breathe. Then the blood circulation work properly and improve nervous system.

10. Problem in sleeping: sleeping problem is most common in people. No proper sleep, takes more time to sleep, fell weak after sleeping are more common. People need to sleep at least 7 – 8 hours. But people don’t care about this. It is very important to think about the sleeping position also. It is better to sleep in right angle. Because, when you sleep in right angle, our food will digest well. Thus, our health becomes fit.

So, those top ten common things that you are doing wrong everyday. You should care about those and follow the rules for you better health.

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